Jon Kerrin

Jon Kerrin is a Cape Town-based photographer specialising in nature imagery, including landscape, astro, wildlife and environmental photography. Jon’s passion for photography was inspired by his love for the outdoors, which grew out of an upbringing exploring the mountains and game parks of South Africa.

He first picked up a camera in 2013 while completing a postgraduate degree in theology and religious studies and soon fell in love with the art of capturing the many forms of nature. Through a gradual transition, Jon moved his career path to one solely focused on nature photography. Along the way, Jon co-founded his tour company, VentureKJ, which specialises in bespoke landscape, astro and wildlife photography workshops across South Africa.

Jon’s passion for outdoor photography extends into his realisation of the need to protect and preserve the natural world. His imagery aims to educate others to see nature as something integral to humanity’s existence and inspire them to act towards better sustainable practices.

Jon has been shooting with Fujifilm for many years now, starting as early as the X-T1, and is well-versed in its broad range of consumer and professional cameras and lenses.


Camera:           Fujifilm X-T3, Fujifilm X-T5

Lens:                 Fujinon 10-24mm F4, Fujinon 16mm F1.4, Fujinon 55-200mm F3.5, Fujinon 100-400mm F4.5




Posts by Jon Kerrin

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Landscape and astrophotographer, Jon Kerrin took to the field with both the X-H2 and X-H2S in hand. We chatted to him about the differences between the two, some of the new features, and which one he preferred.  You shot with the X-H2 and X-H2S alongside each other. From a landscape/ astrophotography point of view, what [...]

TAKE TEN: Jon Kerrin

To help Fujifilm celebrate ten years of the X Mount system, we’re interviewing local Fujifilm shooters and asking them to pick their ten favourite images. Cape Town based landscape and nature photographer Jon Kerrin needs no introduction, telling us about his journey with Fujifilm. Why do you love photography? My main love is actually nature [...]


Landscape photographer Jon Kerrin is no stranger to the Fujifilm blog (check out his Introduction to Astrophotography and review of the Fujinon 16-80mm). This time, we place him under the spotlight, as he takes us through his favourite spots to photograph and how he protects his gear and his favourite image.

Fujinon 16-80mm f/4 OIS WR: The Perfect Travel Lens

A few months back I packed my bags and headed to Argentina for three weeks. This country had been on my bucket list for the longest time, and as a landscape photographer I especially couldn’t wait to see and explore all the natural beauty of this vast and wild nation.

An Introduction To Astrophotography Using Fujifilm X-Series Cameras by Jon Kerrin

Long before I picked up a camera one of my favourite things to do was stare up at the stars and watch the world go by. There is something mesmerising and hypnotising in staring at the night sky and wondering what lies in the great beyond…