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Andile Bhala

Andile Bhala is a documentary and street portrait photographer based in Soweto, South Africa. Bhala’s work focuses on the beautiful, the positive and the motivational side of South Africa.

Most of his photography is done in Soweto and around Johannesburg’s business district. “Photography has been a beacon in my life. The streets of Soweto with their bustling life, noise, smiles and legends in the making compel me to traverse this vast space in search of stories,” Bhala says.

He is drawn to moments that tell stories of the duality and contrasts of life in South Africa. “The rawness of the streets is integral to the work. I try not to manipulate the image. The reality in the image must not be lost. I challenge myself to see beyond the cacophony of the environment to capture its beauty,” he notes.

Street photography allows Bhala to exist in the environment alongside the people and to capture life in the belly of townships or the city streets. “Life through the lens is full of splendour and I find my mood being altered by it. I cherish this connection and I will continue to find meaning in both the mundane and complex. What you see in my work is my footprints – the places I have been and the people I seen,” Bhala concludes.


Camera:          Fujifilm X-T2, Fujifilm X-T10, Fujifilm X-H1

Lens:                Fujinon 90MM F2, Fujinon 35MM F2.8, Fujinon 27MM F2.8, 23MM F2, Fujinon 50-140MM F2.8, Fujinon 16-55MM F2.8, Fujinon 56MM F1.2




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Andile Bhala is making a name for himself as a photographer telling authentic stories of life in Soweto. Fujifilm South Africa chatted to him about the social value of photography, building on the legacy of others, and finding his stories on the streets.