A legacy that strives for professionalism and advancement in technology.

Since the sale of our very first Fujinon Binocular in 1947, the superior optical performance of our products has earned us loyal and dedicated customers. Our professional users chase schools of fish from atop rough ocean waves during the day, and chase comets in the sky at night. Our products provide the optical performance, reliability, durability, and user-friendly features necessary to get the job done. Fujinon Binoculars combine the latest in electronic and optical technology to provide vivid, bright, and precise optics.

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Fujinon Binoculars Review by Etienne Marais

Fujinon is something of a ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to binoculars for birding but have made a name for themselves with serious marine binoculars and image-stabilized binoculars. In the world of photography, they are also rocking the boat, particularly with their mirrorless camera range.