Photo & Film Expo : Top Things to learn at the Fujifilm Pro Stage

Friday, 20 November 2015

 Transforming: Old into the New
Patrick Furter

10:00 Talk

Coming from the time when film was king, Patrick takes us full circle in his journey from analogue to digital. Now shooting with the Fujifilm X-T1, the old school look and feel plus the Film Simulation settings are features that Patrick explores in his talk.

Going off-camera flash with mirrorless
John Armstrong

11:30 Active Shoot

For many the lighter weight and compactness of mirrorless cameras have come as a major blessing. In this live shoot, John talks about the proper use of off-camera flash with mirrorless cameras to achieve maximum results.

Lighting for Emotion
Mardee Maree

13:00 Active Shoot

As one of the top fashion photographers in the country, Mardee’s photos evoke a strong emotional response in viewers. Much of this is achieved through correct lighting, and in this active shoot, he shares some tips and tricks for success.

Fashion Shoot in 3D
Pierre van der Walt

14:30 Active Shoot

In this highly informative talk, Pierre does a fashion shoot in 3D using two cameras. From live shooting to using software to create the 3D effect, Pierre shows how to take your photography to a different level, or is that dimension?

From Light comes Atmosphere
Zeno Petersen

16:00 Talk

For Zeno, the appropriate light is the first thing he thinks about when composing a photo. Indeed, using light to create the correct atmosphere is key to his success. In his talk he takes us through a trip that explores light in ways that have not been done before. 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Corporate, Interior, Product and Fashion
CJ Rademeyer

10:00 Active Shoot

Exploring a number of subjects the modern day pro photographer might be required to shoot, CJ guides visitors through the basics of interior design and corporate photography, while also touching on fashion photography (with a model) and product shoots.

Woman in Photography
Yolandi Jacobsz
11:30 Talk

Could it be that female photographers hold a key advantage when shooting both male and female subjects? In this talk Yolandi looks at why this might just be the case, while also talking about her recent successful Breast Cancer project.

Shoebox Memories
Neill Soden

13:00 Talk

The Fujifilm system makes it easy to have your camera around to capture everyday moments. Neill investigates how to use your camera to produce the best images without spending hours in post processing and stuck with a long workflow.

Mirrorless Wildlife Photography
Peter Delaney

14:30 Talk

While mirrorless cameras might be frowned upon in some circles for wildlife photography, Peter is out to prove differently with his award winning photos. He takes us through his work, exploring some of the finer details of wildlife photography and relating some of the intriguing tales behind his best shots.

Narrative Storytelling via Instagram
Heinke Kriel

16:00 Talk

Instagram has become the go-to app for social sharing of photos, becoming a hub for photographers who is after more than just the posting of an image. Heinke explores the possibilities of Instagram through the use of narrative storytelling.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Fujifilm X Series for Travel Photography
Johann van der Walt

10:00 Talk

Fujifilm’s X-Series of mirrorless cameras has been praised for the compact size, which makes them prime candidates while out travelling. Johann knows all about this, taking us on a journey exploring the X-Series for use in travel photography.

Intro to off-camera flash
Ett Venter

11:30 Talk

In this introduction to off-camera flash, Ett covers the basic of this often overlooked technique. Why would you want to go off-camera?, what do you need gear wise?, and what are the best camera settings and light positions? 

Posing and Directing
Yolandi Jacobsz

13:00 Talk

Want to get the most of your models or subjects? Having them pose correctly and using effective communication to direct them properly are key to amazing photos. Yolandi knows all about this and talks us through this important process.

The Photo & Film Expo takes place from 19-22 November at the Ticketpro Dome. Tickets are R100 for Adults and R50 for Pensioners and Students at the door, while Webtickets provides discount to tickets purchased online.  

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