TechSmart – Interview: X-Photographer Pierre vd Walt on the X-T2

Under what shooting conditions did you use the X-T2?

We do commercial work so we got to test the camera in mostly studio conditions with clean light and perfectly controllable and predictable environments.

Do you think Fujifilm made the right choices regarding the improvements of the X-T2?

I wasn’t anticipating an improvement on the X-T1 this soon – I’ve been using it for about two and half years and still find it a phenomenal camera for the work that I do. I’m always a bit reluctant with new technology because it’s gimmicky and offers convenience features that do not really affect the quality of the photography. But having spent some time with the X-T2 the biggest benefits to me are the improved battery life with the extra Power Booster Grip, which is great for working in studio. In addition to that, also the toggle joystick at the back to help select autofocus points. Lastly, the extra megapixels do seem to give you a better opportunity for enlarging the images.

Do you think 24.3 megapixels hit the sweet spot on the APS-C sized sensor?

We’re always nervous since when pixel count increases the pixel size decreases and you worry about the efficiency. Comparing the performance to the X-T1, we haven’t noticed anything in particular where the quality drops off or the noise increases. I think 24 MP might be a sweet spot, but I’m not technically enough in the know if it makes a difference or not.

While here in the Pilansberg National Park, you’ve been able to shoot wildlife with the X-T2. Your impressions after doing so?

I make no bones about the fact that I do not shoot wildlife at all – when I come to the bush it is purely for relaxation – but what I did notice after shooting a few images is that the camera’s response is a marked improvement on the previous. Some of the shutter lag and autofocus lag that I’ve heard guys complain about, that has definitely improved an awful lot. Coupled to fact that you now have the autofocus point selection joystick, it makes the whole thing handle quite a bit quicker in my opinion.

Lastly, do you think the X-T2 is worthy upgrade?

Any photographer who needs a workhorse camera that does a fair mix of studio and location work, the X-T2 makes absolute sense. For the quality, megapixel count, the quality of glass you get versus the price you pay, it’s a no-brainer to do the upgrade. 

Original interview can be found here: http://techsmart.co.za/news/Interview-Fujifilm-X-Photographer-Pierre-van-der-Walt-on-the-X-T2.html

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