When photographing my cousin’s baby shower, she asked me if I had taken the photo. I said yes and she said that was so fast. I asked her what she meant. She replied that she did not hear the click. (remember that i am deaf) I realised i had set the camera to the ES mode (electronic shutter) so the shutter is silent. I changed it back to the MS mode (Mechanical shutter).

I had always wondered how the model posed and changed positions. I thought the photographer was telling the model that he had taken the photo and she must change her pose. Now I realise that the model hears that shutter sound. The shutter sound is saying, ‘ next, next, next.’

While at college I had a Minolta but developing the photos were expensive. Years later i bought a compact camera- Fuji Finepix A310 which i still have. Years later, Instagram inspired me to do photography. I decide to buy a camera with a viewfinder and manual setting. I bought a Panasonic Lumix. After a year, i wanted something with more features. I went to Orms to look at their cameras and bought a Canon EOS. I have since developed back and elbow problems and the camera became too heavy to carry. In July 2018, I sold my Canon camera and all the gears that goes with it.

 I am now a proud owner of a Fujifilm camera. The best decision I could have made.

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