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Why the Fujifilm – Anneli Young

“I am a wife and mom of three beautiful kids, living on a working citrus farm in the Gamtoos Valley in the Eastern Cape.

I have a creative soul, having obtained a degree in Music after school, I taught for a few years until I resigned to be a stay at home mom. But the creative part of me still needed to be fed and by chance, photography crossed my path in the form of my best friends’ wedding.

What happened after that during the last 9 years of my life has been nothing but an amazing journey, learning about all the aspects of photography. I have been a Fujifilm shooter for just under 2 years now. I am prominently a wedding, boudoir and lifestyle photographer and for the last year, I have ventured into the genre of underwater photography.

It adds to the fun and I love that it is different.

I love the idea of uplifting and empowering and I always do my best to try and empower other women through various projects. Whether it is my boudoir photography, or my projects during women’s month.

There are so many great women in my area that I look up to and sharing their stories has been a great source of inspiration to myself and others.

I am also one of 5 photographers from Port Elizabeth that forms part of the “Keep a Dream Alive” initiative, where it is our mission to plant dreams in young children through the use of photography. It’s been an amazing project and giving back is so rewarding.

I don’t always do things perfectly, but I do it with heart and soul and passion. I think that goes a long way.

Photography is not my job. It has grown into something way bigger.

It’s serving a purpose, inspiring and empowering others and therefore fulfilling my soul.”

Anneli’s website & Social media links:
Web: www.anneliyoung.co.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AnneliYoungPhotography

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