Hey… or as I like to say Aweh!

I’m Lindsey, a Creative, I wasn’t always a Creative…. I think. A couple of years ago I quit the  “corporate” world put my head down, hustled, got my hands dirty, turned the ideas in my head into real images, put them out into the world and collaborated with amazingly cool people, when I looked up it was five years later and BAM that’s what I’m called these days…. a Creative.

This is the super condensed version if you want to check out more about me and what I do I did a cool little interview with Fuji a few months back.

I spoke about life on set and my passion for dance in the video…if you watched it at all ha ha. Here are some more images that films I’ve worked and dance images that I’ve created with some incredible human beings.

What’s next….

I love dance and have moved from only shooting a single frame to 24 frames per second as well and these are my latest videos that I’m working on that I am hoping to expand on this year and create more interesting works with more and more dancers.

I’m working on a couple projects for the big screen and TV that I can’t say much about but to say I’m excited would be a massive understatement. I’ll share a couple images here and there on my instagram if you want follow @appster.

I’m working on an exhibition that should be finished for next year again can’t say much…sorry but stay turned….

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