I was the proud owner of a franchise restaurant and an embroidery factory. Owning a business is what I was taught at a young age. Eventually I felt trapped, tired of waking up every morning knowing exactly how my day was going to play out, meeting the same people, doing the same thing every day.

My wife bought my first camera. A point and shoot. I took photos at family/friends parties and eventually volunteered at my local temple. The experience I gained from doing voluntary work gave me so much joy and appreciation for photography. So I started watching tons of YouTube videos and practiced every day. My wife and daughter got so tired of being my models.

December 2015 I did my first wedding. February 2016 I sold my businesses.

Crazy I know. My wife is still in shock lol.

I invested in some pro equipment and my journey began. To date I’ve shot over 25 weddings.

In July 2017 I moved over to Fujifilm. I purchased the X-T2 as my main camera and the X-T1 as a backup.

Lenses I purchased is the 50-140 f2.8, 35 f2 and the kit 18-55 lens.

Fujifilm has helped me, find me, as a photographer. Sounds weird but u know what I mean. 

Two and a half years as a wedding photographer, and I wake up every morning 🙂 

Facebook: @priteshnathoophotography
Instagram: @priteshnathoo
Website: priteshnathoo.com

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  1. Wonderful expression of following your passion so that work is fun. Everyone tells U that it is fantastic if u are able to make your hobby your work. You have exceeded this by following what brought u joy and made that a means to earn an income. It shows in the quality of your work. WELL DONE

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