My name is Chris Dos Santos and I am a freelance photographer and entrepreneur from Joburg. I have a very photojournalistic/documentary style in my photography. This style is complemented by the discreteness of my Fuji and being able to capture candid moments without people noticing.

My Fujifilm journey was sparked a few years back during a road trip in 2014. It was the Dunlop Hamba rally, which is similar to the Put Foot Rally. Instead of traveling through Southern Africa, The Hamba had us drive from Jhb to Cape Town, stopping at different towns over 7 days. During the rally we would stop at schools and give kids new shoes. I had my dslr with me at the time but found myself hardly using it. It kept getting in the way, and for the most part just getting left in the car.

I noticed another member of the rally constantly shooting with the coolest looking small camera. I asked him what it was and got to play around with it. It was the X-T1. I immediately fell in love with its retro looks and size.

Fast forward a year and I bought myself the X-E1. The size/weight ratio and great image quality had me sold. The first lens I had with it was the 18-55mm f2.8-f4, an excellent quality entry level lens. I followed that up last year by buying the 55-200mm.

The X-E1 has been hanging off my shoulder ever since. Most recently on a road trip through Namibia. My business partner Brittany and I travelled from Jhb, through Botswana, to Windhoek. From there we explored as much of Namibia as time allowed. The entire time I had my trusty Fuji with me.

I used the 55-200mm to make some great portraits. And I shot quite a few landscapes with it too, by stitching multiple photographs together in Photoshop.
If you would like to see more of my journey, follow me on IG Instagram.com/chrisdossantosza or instagram.com/kubili.mediahouse

Or you can find me at www.kubilimediahouse.co.za

Also check out the Fujifilm IG and FB pages to see some of my featured work and hear about my career in the cool podcast I had with Eslie and Mike.

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