Emmanuel Ojo-Aromokundu announced as Fujifilm X-Photographer

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Fujifilm South Africa is proud to announce Emmanuel Ojo-Aromokundu as the latest X-Photographer to join the team. Better known as Emmy, he originally hails from Nigeria and came to South Africa to study engineering. While working with the media team at his church, he picked up a camera to help film sermons on Sundays. As we know, once the bug bites, it bites hard, and Emmy got himself a compact camera and climbed on the internet to learn the art of photography. 

Although qualified as an engineer, Emmy now runs a successful photography practice in Tshwane, specialising in fashion and portraits. “My camera is my everything,” he claims, noting that his move to the Fujifilm mirrorless system was the best decision he ever made. “Fujifilm just speaks to me. The design fits everything I want, it’s small and gets the job done. It truly provides me with the accuracy that I need,” he says. 

Asked about the inspiration behind his photography, Emmy states that a lot of it comes from movies or television series, or sometimes things he experienced in the past. With plans to go international, Emmy works hard to also share his knowledge, and help other photographers. 

Emmy, welcome onboard! Looking forward to some awesome images together.

Website: emmyphotography.co.za
Instagram: @emmy.photography
Facebook: @emmyrealimage


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