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PETER DELANEY: Surfing with the GFX 

Peter Delaney: Surfing with the GFX 

A Wildlife Photographer’s Perspective

I have been a wildlife photographer for ten years and have used Fujifilm X series cameras for the last five. When Fujifilm launched the medium format GFX system, I was intrigued if I could use this system in my wildlife work. I have had to wait a while as I needed a lens with a bit more reach than GF 120mm. When Fujifilm released the GF 250mm, I could not wait to test it out, but I needed a project closer to home.

I decided to test out the medium format system on local surfers at the famous Victoria Bay on the Garden Route in South Africa, which is ten minutes from my house. For the past two months, I have been watching the weather, tides, swells, wind direction. Chatting to local surfers about the best time to photograph them and learn about all the different moves and tricks they try to do when surfing.

I am very proud of the resulting fine art black and white prints. I want to say a big thanks to Fujifilm SA for their patience and support in loaning the gear for this project. I am proud Fujifilm X-Photographer and love being part of the family in Fujifilm South Africa.

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