Karen Lowe Photography – Fujifilm Into The Wild

Karen Lowe Photography – Fujifilm Into The Wild

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, now living in Cape Town and addicted to the Zambian wilderness. I will simply describe myself as African.

I studied Fine Art Photography at University, followed by years in the wedding and family photography sector and ending up where I really LOVE and belong, the wildlife and travel photography side. Owner of Karen Lowe Photography @karen_lowe_photography and  www.wildtravelmedia.com which does collaborative work with photogs/ videogs / lodges / travel agencies and organisations. 

I view myself as a ‘story-teller’, using images to describe a space, an experience and a moment.

Armed with my Fujifilm XH1 a 100-400mm and a 10 -24 / 16-55 mm lenses and a tripod, plus some form of beige clothing with a hidden touch of lumo ( for my alter ego )and some tsetse fly repellant, you can find me anywhere between Cape Town, the Lower Zambezi and beyond, seeking the next sunrise or elephant dust bath.

Karen Lowe Photography – Instagram @karen_lowe_photography
Wild Travel Media – www.wildtravelmedia.com

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