WARREN KRIGE – Creating loving memories: How a Fujifilm camera has enriched my own family memories.

I had an obsession to capture the world around me through imagery, that is why I became a photographer in the first place. However, earning a living from photography soon made me feel like the mechanic whose car never works properly! Despite having world-class camera gear, I noticed by the time my eldest boy was three, I hardly had any of my own family photographs. The only images I took of our family was taken with a cell phone! 

Looking back on why this happened I realised that it had to do with my DSLR gear. Both the size of my camera gear (at least one body and 2-3 lenses), together with the workflow involved in producing professional-grade photos, would take away too much of the valuable time I had available to spend with my family. 

Along came a little mirrorless camera that is easy to carry around and offers me an assortment of lenses that all fit into a compact messenger bag. 

After moving over to the Fujifilm system it was super easy to take my camera with us wherever we went. In the first six months of having my X-T2, I had at least five times more great images of my family than I had taken in the years prior. I am now able to send great-looking Jpegs directly to my phone or even print directly to my Instax printer to share with my friends and family. Bonus to all of this, my wife can pick up the camera and make great images herself because of the benefits of seeing the exposure and colour due to the mirrorless functionality. 

Photography has taken its true place in my family life again and I’m happy to say that every holiday is backed up by picture memories that the Krige’s will cherish forever.

By Fujifilm X-Photographer Warren Krige

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