Featured Photographer: Elisha Dibakoane

Cape Town based photographer Elisha Dibakoane (https://www.instagram.com/dudefromsa/) picked up his passion for photography from his older brother who shot film. He takes us through his favourite photo, photographers and Fujifilm film simulations. 


Describe your photography in one sentence.

ED: I am a monochrome landscape and portrait – travel photographer with lifestyle theme with a fusion of fine art


What triggered your passion for photography?

ED: Growing up, my elder brother used to shoot portraiture via 35mm film. That sparked the passion in me, plus the desire to want to travel the world. I also could not identify with the narrative that was portrayed regarding Africa, so I thought perhaps photography could help me tell an African narrative from an African perspective.

Why did you choose Fujifilm?

ED: I needed gear that was light and could also boost my creativity. I was sceptical at first, but Hein Hough at Fujifilm Cape Town loaned me the X-T2 and I was amazed by the image quality, the film simulations, and the Kaizen camera and lens updates which won me over. Fujifilm ticked the boxes for me from a camera manufacturer perspectives and they came across as listening to their market – their photographers.


RAW or Jpeg?

ED: I default to RAW but of late Fujifilm’s decent Jpeg quality is challenging my preference.


Do you have a favourite Fujifilm film simulation? 

ED: Acros with red filter for monochromes, otherwise Classic Chrome for colour.

What is your own personal favourite photograph? Can you share the story behind it?

ED: Table Mountain is classified as one of the Seven Wonders of the world, with millions of pictures taken of it. The challenge then becomes: how does one take a unique picture of it? For me, I had to wait until the dawn of spring and just after the winter rains when the weather is moody, the tablecloth is splendid, and the light is majestic around this iconic mountain; that split moment when Table Mountain crowns itself with glory and truly shines.


If you could pick a dream destination to shoot, where would it be?

ED: It would have to be the deserts of Namibia – all those top attractions.


Are there any big projects you are currently working on?

ED: Yes, I’m currently working on a body of work for exhibition.


Can you share a few of your favourite local photographers on Instagram? 

 ED: @chickfromct@andilebhala and @pintographia.



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