EC-XT S Small Eyecup

Key Features:

● Fits the GFX 50S, X-T2, and X-T1 Cameras
● Blocks Stray Light and Prevents Glare
● Thinner Than What Comes with the Camera
● Can Be Used as a Replacement or Spare
● Prevents Scratching of Eyeglasses


Product Description

The EC-XT S Small Eyecup from FUJIFILM will fit directly onto the viewfinder of the GFX 50S, X-T2, and X-T1 cameras. The eyecup blocks stray light, which creates glare and would make it difficult to see the image, from entering the camera’s viewfinder

This eyecup can be used as a replacement or as a spare, and it is thinner than what originally comes with the camera, which makes it easier to view for users that wear eyeglasses. At the same time, the thinner eyecup still protects your glasses from being scratched.

Additional information

Package Weight

0.05 lb

Box Dimensions (LxWxH)

2.35 x 1.95 x 0.85"


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