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TAKE TEN: Georgia East

Not only is Georgia East an amazing photographer but also a cook, food stylist and author. She shared her ten favourite Fujifilm images with us. PS – try not to view these while hungry. (Photo credit: Dawid Botha – @lekkerweskus)

Why do you love photography?

I studied Journalism and English Literature and began my career as a writer. I’ve always loved how a piece of writing or prose is able to capture concentrated feeling and emotion – a slice of personality, a moment of intensity. The progression from writer to photographer came naturally, as I feel that photography does the same. It captures a moment not only in visual form but also emotionally, since one can have as strong a reaction to an image as to a piece of writing. Photography is life – condensed into pixels, but no less as poignant.

Tell us a bit more about your own photography and what you would like to achieve through this.

I’m foremost a food photographer and food stylist. Through my imagery, I aim to conjure up nostalgia, warmth and welcome – and appetite of course! I feel that food should set people at ease and make them comfortable. As far as my style goes, I’m inspired by country living and a farm-to-table aesthetic. I live in a small fishing town on the West Coast and its scenes of sunset and sea inspires a lot of my work.

What made you switch to Fujifilm and when did this happen?

My partner has been shooting on Fujifilm for a number of years and convinced me to make the switch after I became unhappy with the results of my previous camera.

Which Fujifilm camera do you use?

I currently shoot between an X-T4 (in studio) and an X-S10 for when I want a lighter camera to travel with. I’ve also just bought the X-H2 as I’m needing something better suited to video.

What do you love most about the camera?

I’m really enjoying the lighter bodies and affordability of the lenses. I feel as if I have more options to play with, and the video quality is unsurpassed.

Can you please share a food photography tip?

Light – light is the most important ingredient when it comes to food. Try to always make use of natural light (if you don’t have a diffuser, a cloudy day can often be your best friend) and allow the natural colours of the food to take centre stage. Play up the textures and shapes of different foods and pay attention to how light falls on each element – light is able to dictate the mood of an image so beautifully.

Where can people find your work online?

My blog acts as a running portfolio of my work, as does my Instagram.



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