TAKE TEN: Jason Wayne Knell

The first X Mount camera (the X-Pro1) launched a decade back in 2012, and to celebrate we’re featuring Fujifilm photographers from across South Africa. Jason Wayne Knell has been using Fujifilm since his student days to create amazing images. We check out his top ten shots. (Image below taken by Jonathan Ireland.)

Why do you love photography?

Photography has the power to freeze a moment in time, especially in the fast-paced life we live today. Whether with a phone, an DSLR or mirrorless, we document everything in our lives from our favourite coffee to our bouts in traffic. Even now in a world with video taking such a huge role in social media, I believe that one perfectly timed shot can tell more of a story than a video clip can.

What made you switch to Fujifilm and when did this happen?

I switched to Fujifilm in the beginning of 2017. I had just started my studies at Open Window and a friend at the time had me test out his X-T10 and 16-50mm kit lens compared to my DSLR. The Fujifilm, for what I believed was an entry level body and lens, outshone the sharpness and quality of my camera by far – and the skin tones! The rendering of skin tones from the X-Trans sensor are what won me over and has kept me in the system until the present day.

The Classic Chrome preset for anything portraiture related is the best out of camera for my style of photography. Better shots out of camera means less editing needed, and thus faster turnaround times for clients.

Which Fujifilm camera do you use?

I started my Fujifilm journey on the X-A1. Back then I believed, due to the Fujifilm system having the same sensors across the board, whether consumer or prosumer body, I should invest into glass first (#studentbudget). From there I moved to the X-E2, X-T1 and finally the X-H1 for most of this body of work. I only recently added an X-T3 to the kit for its video capabilities and better autofocus.

What do you love most about the camera?

Besides the aforementioned colour science, it is the buttons and dials. Especially for so many people delving into the photography world, having your entire exposure triangle ready at a moment’s touch means less time in menus and more time making magic. I have set up all my cameras in such a way that pretty much every setting besides some video settings can be accessed through a programmed button or dial.

Tell us a bit more about your photography and what you would like to achieve through this.

My main body of work post-Covid has been corporate events, campaigns, weddings and automotive. In my free time I love photographing festivals and travel whenever possible. My dream is to purchase an X100F and travel the country while documenting beautiful hidden gems in South Africa. So many people are traveling overseas for vacation and while this is my dream too, we have it all in our own country already. Our variety of locations and biomes beats most destinations – and it helps our economy too!

Where can people find your work online?

Facebook & Instagram: @KnellMediaZA

Youtube page: Knell Media

My personal account is @fokusjason on Instagram.

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