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TAKE TEN: Solly Levi

Solly Levi is a photographer of few words, rather allowing his dreamlike landscape and wildlife photographs to do the talking on his behalf.

Solly Levi

Why photography?

Because one frame is all you need to create a story.

Your style differs quite a bit from the look of traditional wildlife and landscape photos. How long did it take to find your voice and settle on a style?

It took me about two years to develop.

Do you do a lot of planning or simply find images when presented to you?

No planning, take whatever opportunity nature gives me on that instant.

Is there a standout place/country you love to shoot in?

Anywhere in the African bush.

You live in the UK. Do you find people respond differently to your work there than in for example Namibia or South Africa? 

No, people respond the same way in each country.

How and when did you decide on Fujifilm?

My brother gave me his X-T1.  I never looked back after that.

What Fujifilm camera do you currently use, and what lens do you turn to most often?

I use an X-T5 with the Fujinon XF70-300mmF4-5.6 and XF16-80mmF4.

Do you have advice for photographers looking to establish themselves shooting wildlife?

Passion all is all you need, the rest will follow.

Is there an aspect of photography you would like to explore further?

Not for the moment, there is still plenty still to explore and improve in wildlife photography.

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