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USER EXPERIENCE: X-Photographer Anton Bosman on the Fujifilm X-T5

Fujifilm X-Photographer Anton Bosman took the new X-T5 to the heart of Joburg for some gorgeous cityscapes. So, what are his thoughts on Fujifilm’s flagship? Find out below.

After spending time with the camera, what are the things that surprised you most about the X-T5?

The first thing that caught my attention was the size and form factor, beautifully compact with the familiar layout, making the camera feel very much at home in hand. The sensor is sublime, it’s a totally new experience in terms of pushing the limits of dynamic range.

Do you have a favourite feature you would like to expand on?

Definitely the sensor. For me, photography is all about what the camera can capture and also to what extent it shies away from the typical ‘digital’ look one gets with modern photography. The images from the X-T5 have a very organic feel to them.

What are your thoughts on the improved autofocus? Did you make use of the subject-detection autofocus at all?

I did not use the autofocus system for moving subjects but did notice that in low light scenarios the focus locked on very quickly to wherever I had my single point focus within the frame.

Who would you recommend the X-T5 to?

Any photographer out there who wants the best image maker available today – this camera is a picture maker and that’s great in anyone’s book. If you are a professional photographer looking for a compact solution that will produce work on par with some of the biggest and most expensive gear out there, the X-T5 is really that capable.

The X-T5 will also be an incredibly handy tool for the beginner photographer who might find things too daunting to begin with. With Fujifilm’s excellent JPEGs they will be able to present well captured images with great colour using the camera in full auto mode. In the long run this will assist them in becoming comfortable with the system, and from there they can develop their skills as a photographer taking things to the next level.

Find more of Anton’s work here:

Instagram: @antbosman

Facebook Page: @landscapeguyanton

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