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USER EXPERIENCE: X-Photographer Lindsey Appolis on the Fujifilm X-T5

At the end of last year, Fujifilm released the X-T5, coming with a number of new features to entice photographers. What does X-Photographer Lindsey Appolis think of this new flagship?

After spending time with the camera, what are the things that you liked most about the X-T5?

The return to the sexy tactile design that we had on the X-T3. This includes things like the manual control dials, shutter speed dial, slightly raised grip, ISO dial and the return of the push-in button functions. As a photographer this has re-enhanced my experience and made the art of photography more enjoyable.

Did you manage to use the auto-focus tracking? What do you think of the improvements?

I tested the autofocus on movement work and the in-focus hit rate was much higher than what I had previously received on the X-T4 and X-T3. What I did have to do was set up the camera to shoot in that very specific way to get the best out of the autofocus on the camera.

Do you have a favourite feature on the X-T5 you would like to expand on?

The enhanced sensor in the camera – having that extra detail the 40MP sensor allows brings freedom to be a lot more playful with your compositional choices. I also love the Nostalgic Neg. film simulation; it’s hands down my favourite one and has cut down my editing time quite a bit. Finally, the improved IBIS in the camera allows me to shoot with a slower shutter and makes it feel like I am shooting on a tripod.

Who would you recommend the X-T5 to?

I know it may sound strange but, hear me out, photographers who love that classic feel to a camera. Also, those looking to move into the Fujifilm system as well, the X-T5 is the best way to experience that Fujifilm ‘feeling’ you get when you’re shooting travel, street, products, portraiture and more.

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