AIDAN’S – First Beach Shoot

Image 1 - SOOC Image 2 - Edited File

Image 1 – SOOC
Image 2 – Edited File

This was one of my first beach shoots and the day started rather challenging as the ambient light was uncontrollable due to harsh reflections. I opted to rather wait until the light got softer and then got worried as clouds started to form! We then decided to to take a walk down to the water and I saw this beautiful soft light breaking through the clouds. My Father taught me to identify visually and expose for ambient, so shooting in HSS with the Godox AD200 single strobe, I first dialed in 1/3200 and found that the sky was burning out a little and then went to 1/4000 ISO 200 f2 using my favourite Portrait lens – Fujinon 90mm f2.

I had to get very low in order to compose the image correctly as I wanted to get the water reflection in my imagery and also needed to wait for the water to subside, so needless to say, I got slightly wet but it was worth it!

Thanks once again to Eslie & Barry for allowing me to use the stunning FujiFilm Gear that enabled me to capture this image!

Who is Aidan?
Aiden is a 17-year-old, St Davids student and son of the renowned Steve Castings. Aidan since the age of 14 has been assisting Steve on his productions and now is one of his Assistant Teachers in his Academy.

2017 saw this promising young photographer go professional offering a wide variety of genres. Aidan’s main focus is to study commercial photography in 2019 after school and for the interim, is focusing on expanding his creative mind through the viewfinder of his preferred camera, the FujiFilm X-T2.

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