Wonder Woman Concept Shoot – Steve Castings Academy

SOOC image and the final render

I have always wanted to do a Cosplay Concept Shoot in Studio that was going to involve an exciting storyboard. The biggest challenge was which Super Hero Character would suit and from there, who would I select to cast for this production? Having said this, it actually was a “No Brainer“ because at the time the Wonder Woman Movie had just launched and I had the perfect Model, Candice Sills.

Candice, who is one of my regular Models in Photography Academy, was without any doubt the only person that could pull it off! Now the next challenge presented itself and that was styling, so I first thought, let me have the wardrobe specially made and off I went and found someone who could do this and all seemed fine, until, “Steve I just don’t have the time to make the outfit for you message“ So continuing with this saga and please note that I have the Studio and Model booked already, I found myself resorting in phoning Costume Hire Companies. This turned out to an absolute flop!

Introducing Charl Bubb from Airvolution Studio’s, body painting “wizard“ I have worked with Charl since 2012 and could have kicked myself for not thinking of him sooner and one phone call later, Charl was onboard!

Lets talk Gear…… Why the GFX50s? There was never any discussion on the matter! I was looking for the best gear for the production and not only that but also gear that I was comfortable handling and wasn’t going to scare me with regards to all the “technical“ in’s and out’s. I’m a very busy Photographer in Studio and out and the GFX allowed me to detach from the Tripod and move around in studio as if I was shooting with an X-T2. The real pleasure was that I was shooting with the X-T2 on other platforms so the transition to the Medium Format was simple as 1 2 3…

Introducing Graham the Graphic Designer wizard! For those that know my work, will know that I never get involved with elaborate post work or even CGI type of editing but this production called for some interesting backdrops. This is where it got very interesting as most of you don’t know this but I decided, much to Graham’s despair that we were going to have to “draw“ the shield and sword in. This meant that I would have to go online and find these items and that I did! 

In conclusion, I would like to give a big thanks to all that assisted in this production as, without them, it would not have been possible!

Gear: FujiFilm SA GFX50s & 110 f2 lens
FujiFilm Team: Eslie Basson
Model: Candice Sills
Videographer: Marc Sweeney
Assistant: Johann Taljaard
Studio: Tiago Nazareth
Body Painting: Charl Bubb
Post: Pixel Warrior
MUA: Tracey Wilford

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