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Paul Choy joins as Fujifilm X-Photographer

Fujifilm is happy to announce Paul Choy as one of our latest X-Photographers. Paul hails from the island of Mauritius and is one of Africa’s leading travel documentary photographers.

Ask him about his photography and he’ll tell you he became a photographer by accident. “As a child I dreamed of being an explorer; I just loved going out to see if I could discover something new. Over the years, that drive to explore never left me. I started carrying a camera everywhere I went, and using photography to capture stories,” he notes. As he shared these images, people started calling him a photographer, and who was he to reject this label?

Today Paul travels the world, creating a compelling picture of the people he meets and the places he visits. His style can be described as candid yet connected, capturing natural, unscripted moments from everyday life. “I like to be in the middle of the action rather than viewing things from a distance. The subjects of almost all my photographs are close enough to touch,” he states.

About his Fujifilm gear, Paul says, “I am a big fan of mirrorless cameras, and have used the Fujifilm X-Series almost exclusively in recent years. For my style of photography, their lightweight nature makes them so much more convenient than their dSLR counterparts.”

Paul has authored a number of books on photography, his most recent being Somewhere, Anywhereabout his travels across six continents, and Just Mauritiusfeaturing images of the amazing people and sights from his home island. He has been featured on CNNand Fstoppers, while he has also been a speaker at TEDx with a talk called Exploring Humanity.

As a world traveller, Paul takes inspiration from the sights and sounds around him. “The world is an incredible place; I have seen and photographed so many extraordinary sights and human emotions. Yet just when I think I have seen everything, something new and fascinating takes me by surprise and I’m inspired all over again, he concludes.

Welcome to the Fujifilm family, Paul. May we have many happy photos together!

Fujifilm Gallery: https://fujifilm-x.com/global/photographers/paul-choy/

Website: www.paulchoy.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/paulchoyphoto

Instagram: www.instagram.com/paulchoyphoto

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