My story with photography is one that is a bit odd in the sense that I never thought I would be a photographer when I was younger. One thing that was certain from an early age was that I always enjoyed creating and it is probably the main reason I did so well in my art classes and not really well in any other subjects.

I stumbled upon photography when I was in university doing a degree in Business computing specialising in Management. At the time I was in Malaysia and because I no longer had a way to express myself creatively in university, I decided that I would teach myself graphic designing by watching videos online. I really went all in and eventually I started creating flyers for the university Student council and for events outside of the uni. The more I learnt the more I started to crave to edit images I shot and that is how I fell into photography.

I started out by borrowing cameras from friends and testing out capturing random images and with every shot I took the more I fell in love with photography. I had this urge to shoot better that what I shot before and this drove me to study about photography & retouching an insane amount. I would generally be up until 3am retouching the images I shot instead of doing my business assignments.

As I continued to learn, I started focusing a lot on fashion photography and decided that I would follow a career in that direction. I have now shot editorial, commercials and many more projects that I would’ve never imagined I would create when I started out in this journey. I am really grateful that without even knowing it I found my passion and I have been able to grow with it, travel to various places, meet new people, build long lasting relationships through my passion.

Its been 8 years now capturing a frame at a time and last year I picked up a Fujifilm XT2! It was
such an awesome experience! Good thing is that I also started vlogging last year so I have a video of how it all happened. Enjoy 🙂

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