I got my First camera at age 6, yes, i really screwed up a lot of film back then. but slowly started to figure things out. Im a self taught Photographer and learned a lot of lessons the hard way and had to fight through the frustrations of “not getting what I want” in the shots. It’s a long and hard when you only have 24 or 36  frames to work with every 2 months.

This all came together when i eventually did an online course where I learnt WHAT THE CAMERA CAN ACTUALLY DO and HOW TO DO IT! a rather important lesson.

From there it was all about practice practice, do …. fail …practice… do and eventually succeed. I then eventually believed in myself enough to quit my “real job”

People are interesting, everyone has a story. I love working with people so all forms of portraits are fun and interesting to shoot. Shooting fitness athletes has a lot to do with the journey they are on, and catching these athletes in their top state is an honour! I am tasked with capturing their hard work, sacrifice and dedication at its culmination. I love it!!! 

Website: http://marcdrydenschofield.com
Instagram: @marcdschofield

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