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Tim Moolman – Jacaranda FM Off the Beaten Track

The Jacaranda FM ‘Off the Beaten Track’ is a spectacular annual event, which combines music, family and sport to create a space where you can have the perfect family fun day enjoying the amazing outdoors of the South African landscape while being entertained by celebrated musicians.

When documenting an event such as this I shoot RAF (RAW) & JPEG images with my JPEG’s set to Fujifilm’s Astia Film Simulation. That way I can download images directly from my Fujifilm X Series cameras to my mobile phone and then send them on directly to my client.

This allows my client to post images on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook within minutes of the shot being taken. 

Once I get home and fine tune the final edits for client I edit some of my favourite images converting them in Lightroom to black and white, usually with the Fujifilm Across Film Simulation.

I enjoy how the conversion from colour to black and white changes your focus. For me it is a far more emotive medium focusing on line, shadow, and emotion. 

Here are some of my favourites from the recent event.

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