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Tim Moolman on Documentary Wedding Photography

<p class="" style="white-space:pre-wrap;">The last few months have found me busy presenting documentary wedding photography workshops across South Africa. It therefore feels only right that I post some photographs from a recent wedding and the story behind their making. Think of it as a ‘proof is in the pudding’ post where I get to share the story of a recent wedding I shot, discuss some tips and talk about the gear used.</p>
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TIM MOOLMAN – Huawei Joburg Day

<p class="" style="white-space:pre-wrap;">Huawei Joburg Day in the Park ticked all the boxes for an unforgettable family day out.</p><p class="" style="white-space:pre-wrap;">The sun was out, the grass was green, and there was lots of space for Joburg’s youngest – and oldest - movers and shakers to play. PLUS an entire day of live music from some of SA’s biggest multi-generational artists.</p>
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<p style="white-space: pre-wrap;">I can’t draw and I can’t paint. And I tried, I really tried. I did however develop a love for great filmmaking, great story and that beautiful light. I swapped my surfboard for a skateboard when my mom, sisters and I moved to Bloemfontein and since then my skateboard has travelled with me everywhere…</p>