DUESA – Emmanuel Ojo-Aromokundu

Deus is derived from the Portuguese language meaning, God; hence Deusa is the female equivalent of the word Deus (Goddess). 

This is a project I have put together as a concept photoshoot to celebrate women’s month, spread the news and showcase the power and heritage of women by incorporating a unique, unusual and creative styling. 

In order to make the dream work, I had the responsibility of putting together a well trusted team that included models, makeup artist as well as stylists. Each model was assigned to a makeup artist to put their heads together and come up with a unique Avant Garde inspired idea. The clothing stylist on set had to work with each makeup artist and model duo to create a fresh and unique style that worked well with their chosen style concept. 

I reached out to one of my old friends who is a videographer to join me for the project and he was keen to be part of the production; thanks to his creativity and time, a great video for the concept was captured. A great team of my photographer friends came by the set to assist me for the day as well since no man is an island. 

This project had a great foundation of team work, creativity, nurturing talent and working together with different people from different places and backgrounds. –Maya Angelou said “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” 

My aim was to create a great concept of good quality that sends out a great message to women all over the world. It is about motivating and inspiring them about who they really are, their God-like beauty and the fact that they are all born to be great. 

This is a project I hope to do annually to celebrate women at every chance I get. It wouldn’t have happened without my team and everyone around me who keep motivating me to do and give the best that I can be. 

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