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Landscape photographer Jon Kerrin is no stranger to the Fujifilm blog (check out his Introduction to Astrophotography and review of the Fujinon 16-80mm). This time, we place him under the spotlight, as he takes us through his favourite spots to photograph and how he protects his gear and his favourite image. 

Website: https://www.jonkerrin.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonkerrinphotography/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wherethelight_is/

(Jon’s image taken by Brian Kerrin)

How did landscape photography become your passion?

It is definitely just a good excuse to spend more time in nature, but I was just lucky enough to turn it into a career.

Do you often scout locations and then return under better conditions, or are you lucky enough to find a perfect shot in waiting?

There have certainly been times when I have been lucky enough to get a great shot at a new location. Landscape photography is so often just about getting out and taking advantage of whatever nature throws at you. But revisiting a location numerous times also helps to find newer and more compelling compositions that you did not initially see, and also to take advantage of different weather conditions as well.

Trekking in the wilderness can take its toll on gear. How do you keep it safe when you know you’ll be out for an extended period of time?

Oh wow, this is no joke! My camera really takes a beating sometimes, be it from hiking in the mountains, shooting at the sea or travelling on an aeroplane. 

I find having a good solid camera backpack helps protect my gear, and here it is a case of you get what you pay for. Also, consistent maintenance of my gear helps keep it in good knick. As a landscape photographer I deal with a lot of sea salt and dust, and cleaning this off my camera regularly helps to keep everything working properly.

How much time do you spend on post?

The amount of time I take to post-process a photograph can vary anywhere from ten minutes to a few hours depending on the scene. Images with simple lighting conditions are normally straight forward to process, but some scenes, especially around sunrise and sunset, often present difficult dynamic range challenges that require a bit more time and effort.

Do you have a favourite photograph? Can you tell us the story behind the image?

I actually took this photo quite recently. This is taken at Slangkop Lighthouse in Cape Town. The funny thing is I wasn’t actually expecting a great sunset on this particular evening. But just before sunset a small band of clouds drifted into the frame and lit up perfectly creating a beautiful Orton Glow. This is one of those times where knowing the location really well definitely paid off as I knew which tides created these reflecting pools.

Do you have one good tip for would-be landscape photographers?

Get out and shoot as much as you can. Familiarity with weather patterns, the various elements of nature, and with different compositions is the best way to learn and to improve you landscape photography.

What is your favourite Fujifilm gear?

Undoubtedly my X-T3. This is the perfect camera for landscape photography. Not only is it lightweight and easy to carry on long hikes, but it also performs brilliantly in all sorts of challenging conditions, such as shooting the stars and photographing in heavy storms.

Do you have a favourite place to photograph?

This might be a copout but anywhere by the sea. I am happiest sinking my toes into the water and photographing the motion of the waves.

Is there an ultimate destination you would like to tick off your wish list?

Yes, definitely! Antarctica is certainly high on my bucket list. Take me to the farthest stretches of the Earth and I’ll be happy photographing there.

Are there any landscape photographers that you admire?

Elia Locardi, a fellow Fujifilm photographer, is definitely one of my favourite landscape photographers.

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