TAKE TEN: Dino Lloyd

It’s been an amazing ten years since the first Fujifilm X-Mount camera appeared. To celebrate, Fujifilm South Africa is featuring the top ten favourite images from local users. Today it’s freelance photographer and content specialist, Dino Lloyd’s turn. Working mostly in news and combining his passion for cycling and the outdoors, it enables him to document a rich contrast of stories. (Image: Rob Till)

Why do you love photography?

As the cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In that vein, I love how universal photography can be in documenting our world. It bridges divides, connecting across cultural and language barriers.

What made you switch to Fujifilm?

It’s due to a brief experiment while still on DSLR about three years ago. I was interested in the lowlight functionality and compact bodies of mirrorless cameras, and thanks to my good friend (and ultimate gear guru) Stephen O’Raw, I was able to conduct some tests and consequently committed to Fujifilm.

Which Fujifilm camera do you use?

The Fujifilm X-T2 along with some extras.

What do you love most about the camera?

Definitely the low light capability and compact system. Functionality is a big plus and once you get around the menu with focus, film types, etc., it really does streamline the post process. The adjustable live-view LCD is also great.

Tell us a bit more about your photography and what you would like to achieve through it.

Working across a range of topics in news, editorial and outdoor/adventure events, I’ve always enjoyed seeking out specific moments. Particularly in the news space, we’ve been living through some incredibly historic moments. Of late I’ve been pushing more towards commercial work, and I’d like to experiment more creatively in the post-production space.

Where can people find your work online?

For now, my personal portfolio is offline as it’s undergoing an overhaul, although much of my work can be found through a Google search as well. Occasionally I also share my work through my social feeds such as LinkedIn and the good old FB/Gram.

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