TAKE TEN: Willow Tucker

In celebration of ten years of Fujifilm’s X Mount system, we’re taking photographic journeys with local Fujifilm users to showcase their best work. Product, branding and lifestyle photographer, Willow Tucker’s love of capturing her clients’ work is clearly visible in her photographs. (Image credit: Jean De Lauwere)

Why do you love photography?

If one were to ask me what I do every day for work, I’d answer, “my passion”. Every day (okay, almost every day) I get to partake in what excites, inspires and motivates me. Being a photographer means I get to highlight beauty. I have the privilege of showcasing the wonder, beauty and uniqueness I see in my clients and their businesses.

What made you switch to Fujifilm?

When I was looking for my first professional camera, I wanted a mirrorless camera. It was new to the market at that time and I had not owned a camera in a long time prior, so I wasn’t too fussy about brands. My decision was made when the saleswoman bought out this beautiful looking camera. It was powerful, small, mirrorless and did I mention beautiful?

Which Fujifilm camera do you use?

I started with an X-T2, which I still have several years later. And then pretty much stole my partner’s X-T3 and 35mm f1.4 when he wasn’t looking. After many months of his generosity, I purchased his camera and lens, which has become my trusted best friend and workhorse.

What do you love most about the camera?

When I mentioned my X-T2 was beautiful, unfortunately, it became the ‘cute’ camera, as my partner’s X-T3 is the silver version. It reminds me, and my clients, of a film camera. Which leads to questions I get at least once a month: “Is this a film camera?! Will we get enough photos?”

But the one thing I love most about Fujifilm is that it is a compact powerhouse, an absolute magic maker. It’s refined and made with photographers in mind, it’s user-friendly, the menus are straight forward and you can customise your camera buttons to your needs, which I love!

Tell us a bit more about your photography and what you would like to achieve through this.

I believe photography helps clients fall in love with their offerings, they get to marvel at their products from another person’s perspective – as they’ve believed enough in themselves to invest in an outsider’s views. As such, I love photography because I get the opportunity to create, to play, to highlight beauty and to instill more confidence in my clients.

When showing clients how I view them, their reaction of joy, relief, and, “Oh wow, that’s me/my product!” inspires me every time to keep going. I feel like I have the opportunity to help people believe in themselves and their business to help dismiss any ‘what, ifs and buts’, because together my clients and I make magic.

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