Fujinon 16mm 1.4

This lens was somewhat of a surprise to me. Generally, I avoid wide angles like I avoid aubergine. However, I really grew to like the lens, which turned out to not be like aubergine at all. Unlike the 14mm, which I just could not get to like, this was different. 

Aperture ring moves with the nice, elegant clicks we’ve gotten used to on the 56mm, and have the manual focus quick pull-back, like on the 14mm and 23mm.

It feels a bit bigger than the 23mm in hand, and is not shy in length next to the 56mm, with a ring size of 67mm.  Being weather sealed, that’s no surprise.

I have always wondered why you would use f/1.4 in a wide angle, as for me this is more of a landscape lens and you would normally shoot f/8 and above. But only having been able to use it for ±4 days, which is only really a few hours of shoot time between normal day to day stuff,  I had to get creative and getting close to the subject is not a problem.

I could not find the focus distance limit, so yeah, the f/1.4 is great. (Yes, I know it’s not a ‘true f/1.4’, but who cares, it looks good.)

I’m not sure what else to say about the lens. Keeping in mind that I am no expert when it comes to wide angles, I can’t fault the lens.  If you’ve  been waiting on the edge of your seat for this lens, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. I wish I could have gotten out to try some landscapes, but sadly I wasn’t able to fit that in to an already packed weekend. You’ll also notice that 99% of the images are shot in f/1.4, that depth of field is just so nice!

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