Fujinon Binoculars Review by Etienne Marais

<p class="">Fujinon is something of a ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to binoculars for birding but have made a name for themselves with serious marine binoculars and image-stabilized binoculars. In the world of photography, they are also rocking the boat, particularly with their mirrorless camera range.</p>
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PETER DELANEY – On Safari With The Fujifilm X-H1

<p style="white-space: pre-wrap;">I had an early start on the road at 5 am.</p><p style="white-space: pre-wrap;">It was a 6-hour drive to the private game reserve. My excitement levels were off the charts. Not just because I was off on Safari but mostly because of the black square box with the Fujifilm logo on the back seat of my 4x4. The previous night at the launch of the Fujifilm X-H1 in Johannesburg. I had bought the X-H1.</p>


<p style="white-space: pre-wrap;">I often get asked when I started with photography. it is a question with many possible answers. I prefer to say photography found me when I was 5 years old. My dad had an SLR from somewhere in the 70’s which he let me hold, manually focus until the image was clear, and press the button. It was like time stood still for an eternity and that moment was cemented in my memory. from that day, I could not go anywhere without it being a visual safari of epic proportions…</p>
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