Anthony Bila x Fujifilm x100t

Anthony Bila x Fujifilm x100t 

My name is Anthony Bila, otherwise known as, The Expressionist. 

I am a creator through a oneway mirror. I say that because through various mediums I express myself and how I see the world through the lens I was born with, my eyes. I was raised in a township called Tembisa on the East Rand of Johannesburg where I learned to draw and illustrate, write songs, poetry, short stories and scripts, produce and perform music and of course my foremost love, making films and taking photographs of the world as I see it. 

My imagination has always been a source of escape and expression. The township I get up in did not have the kinds of opportunities that I would have liked, but through books I discovered and travelled the world without ever leaving the confines of Tembisa. The interesting thing with consuming as much information in all forms, art, music and books is there comes a point where consuming isn’t enough and you being to create.

Although I discovered the mirrorless camera later in life, as recently as less than a year, the Fujifilm x100t was my foray and I have not a single regret about this stellar piece of equipment. I was invited to mainland China, to the city of Shenzhen on a tour of its major technology company to explore the city through my unique perspective and all I decided to take with me was my Fujifilm x100t, a lens hood and leather case. It made my photography so much more intimate, unencumbered and discreet, I already stood out in China like a sore thumb so having a cumbersome piece of equipment would have made the nature what I wanted impossible.

I am looking forward to more opportunities to travel, show anyone willing to view my images my unique perspective through photography and film. Ultimately I want to bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa, one frame at a time.

Instagram: @TheExpressionist
Website: www.anthonybila.com
Blog. www.anthonybila.tumblr.com

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