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Shooting Bottles with my FujiFilm X-E1 and a Fujinon XF60mm

Recently I took on the challenge of creating social media content images for a social media client of ours, 24 Central

The brief was simply, create interesting images of bottles which can be used in upcoming social media campaigns to promote the 24 Central Social Media Accounts and products available at some of the 24 Central tenants.

Bottles are inherently tricky subjects to photograph due to the fact that they reflect everything in the immediate environment. The way to deal with this specific issue is to create attractive reflections and model them perfectly onto the subjects.

All images captured on the stunning little FujiFilm X-E1 with the Fujinon XF60mm Macro.

The lighting setup for this shoot is as follows (basic lighting diagram below):
This is a 4 light set-up.
1 x 400w Elinchrom Studio Head from directly behind the bottles and the glasses, fired through 3 levels of diffusion
2x 400w Elinchrom Studio Heads with Soft Boxes
1x 400w Elinchrom Studio Head with an attached snoot, shot from behind camera to light the label of each bottle. 

Camera information:
FujiFilm X-E1
Fujinon XF60mm Macro
Aperture – f/16
Shutter Speed – 1/125sec
ISO – 200
White Balance – Custom

24 Central Social Media
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Images captured by Timothy Griesel (NextGen Creative Media) 

NextGen Creative Media Social Media
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Timothy Griesel Social Media
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