PETER DELANEY – Best Wildlife Combination for Wildlife Photography

FujiFilm XT-2 And The Fujinon XF 100-400mm 

Best Wildlife Combination

Now I loved my DSLR gear and had many enjoyable years and was rewarded with some amazing photos. But I was never really totally satisfied. The biggest problem was the weight of my camera equipment. It was too heavy and cumbersome and I hated travelling with it. The other was the uncertainty of whether my photos would be sharp. I was paranoid about mirror vibration. I always did my best in the field to ensure my shutter speed was fast enough and my long lens technique was correct.

For years I dreamt of a lighter and shorter long lens. A zoom that would replace two of my lenses the 600mm and 200-400mm.

It was always a mission as a subject moved closer  to remove the lens from a gimbal head and replace it with the correct lens. Valuable seconds or minutes could be lost. Resulting in missed photographs.

Then with the evolution of mirrorless cameras a few years ago . My Prayers were answered by FujiFilm. With the recent release of the FujiFilm XT-2 and FujiFilm fulfilling the “Lens Roadmap” the future looks good. My decision to take the plunge and fully embrace this revolutionary technology is one I have not regretted. 

Photographers Mantra …One Camera And One Lens

Keep your photography simple…

I love to keep my Photography simple, that means the less equipment the better. I travel lighter. I have more time to spend concentrating on my subject less time worrying when and how quick I have to be in swapping or rotating lenses and camera as my subjects move closer or further away. Fujinon XF100-400mm Lens means no more reaching and swapping lenses. A simple rotation of the lens barrel and I can continue shooting without taking my eye off the subject.

The one thing that I can guarantee about this zoom is the optics are just superb. This lens is sharp, great contrast, no chromatic aberrations.  But then again FujiFilm have always been known for their excellent glass.The build quality is excellent, solid feel in hand. Combination of metal and rubber grips means this lens is built to last.

Few Points About The Fujinon XF100-400mm 

  • The zoom is a rotating barrel and extends about 3cm when you focus at 400mm.
  • Aperture ring has no F number indicators on barrel. But as you rotate the aperture the F numbers shows in viewfinder.
  • Manual focus ring is wide with rubber grip which allows for ease of use.
  • Switch to change focusing distance from full to 5m to infinity.
  • OIS switch, this is Fujis Stabilisation mode for use in low shutter speeds. (Handheld up to 5 stops)
  • The hood is solid and has a solid locking mechanism with a push button to unlock. No chance of lens hood falling off.
  • Weather sealed.
  • Linear motor ensures faster Auto Focusing.
  • Weighs only 1.4kg

The FujiFilm XT-2 is a game changer. The AUTO focus issues that plagued the XT-1 have been put to rest. With the XT-2 new AF-C mode it has never been easier for Mirrorless Photographers to track a subject. There are lots of technical reviews online that will go in to more detail. I just want to say having worked in the field on the Prototype FujiFilm XT-2. I was blown away with the advancements that have been made by FujiFilms engineers. The Joystick/Lever I was concerned about as I had missed out on the ‘playstation and  x box” generation.. I should not have worried, it’s small but solid, responsive and moves easily around the focus area. 

Few Points About FujiFilm XT-2

  • AF-C Mode, 6 Presets For Tracking Subjects, One Preset Customisable
  • 4K Video, Shoot 30 mins continuos,no over heating, 15 Jpeg Film Simulations, F-log
  • Dials  Bigger, Brighter and lockable.
  • 3 way Tilting screen, Better EVF, Eye Cup
  •  Joystick/Lever more AF focus points than a Nikon D5 
  • Vertical Battery Power Booster, Turns the XT-2 “Beauty” into a “BEAST”, 11 frames a sec, bigger buffer, shorter Lag times in EVF,
  • 15 Jpeg Film Simulations, including ACROS 
  • 24MP sensor, Better Detail, Bigger Files, Bigger Prints
  •  Sex appeal! Never under rate how a good looking camera can you make feel
  • Paring Down.. My Wildlife Beast XT-2 & 100-400MM can be Pared down to a small body and fixed lens to be used unobtrusively anywhere!

I Will Say It Again

“Best Wildlife Combination For Wildlife Photography

FujiFilm XT-2 And The Fujinon XF100-400mm” 

I Have Ever Used

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