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TIM MOOLMAN – Shooting with a Fujifilm GFX

A few weeks back I was fortunate to be invited to the launch of the new Fujifilm X-H1 camera at the Smoking Pistons racetrack south of Johannesburg. The camera itself is amazing, super fast autofocus and 5 Axis IBIS. (In Body Image Stabilization) But this post is not about that camera.

At the launch event all the camera’s on offer for testing were snapped up by the journalists in attendance. I was not going to miss out on photographing the motocross riders and grabbed a Fujifilm GFX that was available. 

Now, Fujifilm does not market the medium format GFX as a sports camera. It’s shutter release is slow, suited far better to fashion or landscape photography, and it’s bulky. I saw it as an interesting challenge to make photographs of the riders on the day and here is what I got.

For all these photos, the panning ones included, I had to anticipate the action about half a second ahead in order to try and time the shot correctly. I got close on some. The bottom line, we should all be able to use the gear that’s available to the best of it’s ability. Don’t allow your perception of your gear to limit you.

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