Megan Damon

I’ve always appreciated good visuals, weather it is be photography, art or cinematography.

As kid I was always intrigued by point and shoot cameras and remember accompanying my dad to the local chemist to get our rolls of film developed.

Throughout my primary school career I was the kid at the school camps with my parents little point and shoot. I got my first digital camera as a Christmas gift in my teens, it was actually a Fujifilm camera.

I was reintroduced to photography during my journalism studies.  This was my first and only formal training in photography. I really enjoyed documentary photography. My portrait & lifestyle photography actually kind of just happened to me especially “fro-tography”, I love shooting natural hair and am busy establishing myself as the Cape Town “fro-tographer”.

Initially I wanted to use shoots to fund my documentary (travel) photography, and then I found myself enjoying the lifestyle and portrait side. Like documentary photography it still tells a story. People always have a story to tell. I still hope to document people and places with my xt2 in the future.


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