Lee-David de Haas – For the love of photography

I’ve always been attached to streets somehow, the way they smell, the noise and the hustle and bustle of people going about their daily lives. When I was a kid growing up on a skateboard, the sense of venturing into the unknown was always more interesting than anything else I tried as it gave me a sense of independence and in some way allowed me to be free to roam where ever I wanted. I used to get shouted at a lot and chased away from security guards as we weren’t very popular people us skateboarders. People regarded us as hooligans causing destruction and vandalism to the public space. The ironic thing is that its still happening today only this time its not because of something under my feet but by the way I document the world.

I have fights with people on regular bases not because I’m a horrible person, in fact, you need to be quite open to meeting new people and not shy away from the unknown. The guards hate me as my camera is a secret weapon of mass destruction and people think they going to be on the front covers of world news. If only they knew I take photos for the love of taking photos, documenting life around me whilst watching moments unfold.

Patience is a virtue on the street as you never always gifted with amazing images and most times you walk away unrewarded. People look at you a little crazy when you hunting at least that’s what it feels like as people are so scared that a camera will cause them harm. I’ve been pushed around in the streets, had my cameras stolen and for some reason, I always feel that I’m most comfortable making photos between people. I think what keeps you going back for more is the challenge of making photos you can hold onto for the rest of your life. Photos that tell a story of your environment and images that will live on long after me is probably the most rewarding images but most of all its making the ordinary into extraordinary and that for me is the ingredients for a successful image.

For the love of photography.

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