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USER EXPERIENCE: X-Photographer Tim Moolman on the Fujifilm X-H2S

Fujifilm X-Photographer took to the surf with the X-H2S. He shared his thoughts on Fujifilm’s latest.

The X-H2S is capable of shooting 40fps blackout-free in burst mode. Did you manage to put this to the test?

I did try this, it’s crazy fast as you only need 24fps to make a movie! I tracked surfers on a couple of waves and every single shot was usable. I ended up using the 40fps in short bursts as it helped in getting just the right timing for the surfer and the spray off the wave.

What can you tell us about the X-H2S’s autofocus and autofocus tracking? Did you use subject detection at all?

The autofocus has a definite and clear advantage over the X-Pro3 that I normally use and love. The tracking focus is especially good at locking on and staying on target, in fact for surfing I ended using face tracking for many shots and it

was simply amazing in this regard. I could pan across, following the wave, and the autofocus tracked the surfer as he rode the wave from bottom turn to off the lip.

There wasn’t a particular subject in the menu that matched a surfer although

I did have some luck using the motorcycle to track them. The few times I tried bird focus (on birds, not surfers!) I was startled by how effortlessly it grabbed focus on the animal’s eye and held it there. It will take some customising to get the best out of an already awesome system, but once done I can’t see you struggling at all with any subject in any environment.

What surprised you most about the X-H2S?

There were several things I liked about the X-H2S. Having read through the spec sheet I had an idea what to expect but nothing prepared me for how gorgeous the EVF was, it was stunningly clear and smooth in operation. I liked the grip which was comfortable and reassuring, and the battery life was also a stand-out improvement from an already great experience I have on the X-Pro3.

What are your thoughts on image quality?

It’s a Fujifilm, so of course it’s going to look amazing straight out of the box!

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