Brad Donald – Street Documentary Photography

I am a full time wedding, portrait, corporate, event…  (the list goes on) photographer based in Joburg. My journey started back in high school when I got my first camera and joined the Photo-Society. This was where my interest kicked off and my passion grew.

I was lucky enough to work as a photographer and then Visuals Editor for the University of Pretoria’s newspaper, Perdeby where I worked for over 3 years. This was my biggest and best learning curve as I was exposed to so many new things and people which all aided in my growth as a photographer.   

Despite all of my work on the professional side, I have a keen interest in Street and Documentary photography.

Ask anyone and you’ll probably get a different answer to “what is street photography?” Most photographers would say that it is capturing the raw emotions and expressions of people in their everyday lives. Others would say that it is strictly based on their urban environments such as the inner city and only on the “street”. However, combine both of these elements and you’ll have a pretty solid concept.

Basically, it is capturing pictures of people on the streets or in their daily lives. Ideally this should be done in a way that the person is unaware and as candid as possible.

You want to eliminate the “interaction” of the photographer and leave a scene un-manipulated. To capture an image of a person interacting with their environment in one way or another is the true side of street photography.

To check out more of work or to collaborate check me out on my social media channels:

Instagram: @brad3rs

Email: brad3rs@hotmail.com

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