Henry Engelbrecht – Live Band Photography

I am Henry Engelbrecht and I am a FujiFilm user.

I am an IT consultant by day and a music photographer by night. Attending live shows and photographing them is a hobby that gives me a creative outlet which I desperately need.

I love to watch the creative process that unfolds when a band makes music on a stage, and it is my mission to try and capture something of those special moments that take place there. My favourite shows are the wild, rowdy and intimate ones in smaller venues, because that is where the magic really happens.

What makes band photography so interesting and rewarding for me is the fact that you never really know what you are going to get, and you never have any control over the lighting or what happens during the performance. Most of the time it is like trying to take photos of people running around in a very dark room, and it takes patience and experience (with some luck) to extract something out of those difficult situations.

My favourite photos are the ones that tell the story of the event, which shows the relationship between the band members on stage and the relationship between the band and the crowd. To get those photos you must sometimes insert yourself into the crowd, become a part of the event, which is fun but not always easy to do.

I believe that my mirrorless Fujifilm cameras are the perfect tools to capture these moments. The fact that I can see what I am shooting enables me to focus on the important stuff, like timing and composition, because I have to worry less about technical stuff like exposure and camera settings.

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